Main points of our strategy are:

  • Development
  • Sustainable sourcing of raw materials
  • Efficiency


Development of our company means not only development of markets. We are searching for new target customers, target segments, we are looking for new distributors and resellers. Our markets’ development goal is to make our turnover 20 % higher every year.
The second point of our company’s development is development of the products we are producing and selling. All the time we are looking for new opportunities, new products we could offer for the client. This as well helps as to make our turnover higher.

Sustainable sourcing of raw materials helps us not only produce our products from the same quality and create a higher level of value, but as well to offer our clients high quality ingredients for flavours and fragrances they produce.

Efficiency – is the main point of our strategy. Intelligent management, control of quality and well balanced manufacture enable us to create high level of value. Intelligent management enable us to work cost-consciously, offer our clients the best quality for the best price and increase profitability.