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Flavour is the sensory impression of a food and mainly is determined by taste and smell. The industry of flavours is really exciting, combaning know-how and creativity in order to awake people’s senses.

Flavours are everythere – in a most products we use: beverages, sweet, savory, dairy, snacks, etc. Flavour improves or modifies the odour and / or taste of food for the benefit of the consumer. As well flavours and be used to create tasty food and beverage products without salt, sugar and fat or improve the bitter taste of many medicines thus facilitating their intake. Moreover, flavours is used in oral care products, consumer goods and animal feed.

Sales of flavours in the EU represent a 33 % share of the global market. This figure is followed by united States and Asia – each with a market share of 25 % (Figures are taken from www.effa.eu).