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Meat, fish and convenient food

Our company can offer different flavour types for meat, fish, cheese, convenient products.

Darom AS, Ltd. produces different types of meat flavours (pork, bacon, beef, chicken, turkey and so on). These meat flavours can bedifferent type boiled, fried, smoked, etc., for example, boiled chicken, fried chicken, smoked ham, etc. Flavours can be offered in two forms – liquid and powder.

In order to offer the best solution for our client for smoked products Darom AS, Ltd become official distributor of Red Arrow International, LLC in Lithuania and Belarus. Red Arrow International has expierance for more than 50 years and produces smoke condensates for meat, fish, cheese and so on. Application of these products can be done by several methods:

  • direct addition
  • addition in dry seasoning mixes
  • injection
  • dipping
  • drenching
  • spraying
  • smoke regenerating

Product can be offered in different forms:

  • aqueous form
  • oil form
  • dry form
  • concentrated form

More about Red Arrow production you can find in website www.redarrowinternational.com.

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