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About company


The company JSC “Darom AS” was established in 2005. Our company is the only one flavours producer in Lithuania.

From start of 2005 company is creating flavours for food: sweet, savory, beverages, dairy, snacks and so on. Flavours are the main area of our company. We produce natural flavours and identical to natural flavours. Our main idea in producing flavours is to offer a client the flavour which suits his needs the best, so, before offering a flavour, we want to know about the end product as much as possible.

In 2010 we began to produce fragrances for parfumes and cosmetics and fragrances for houshold chemicals.

In the end of 2014 Darom AS began production of liquid smoke for food made at home. Company titled these products as Smokeland and offers three kinds of liquid smoke: Smokeland liquid smoke for chicken, Smokeland liquid smoke for different types of meat and fish and Smokeland smoke flavour vegetable oil.

More about these product can be found in website www.smokeland.eu

We have enough practice to offer our clients the best flavour for the product they need. Futhermore, we are open minded for innovations and new flavours. We do not have a list of flavours as the main our mission is to offer our client not the product we have, but the product which suits his needs the best. Every day we make tests and search for new flavours in order to be the best partner for the client.

The quality of our products is controlled in every stage of production. All ingredients we use are listed in Flavour & Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA) and comply with national law and EU regulations and directives. All products are produced according to HACCP system requirements.

Intelligent management, control of quality and well balanced manufacture enable us to offer our client the best quality for the best price.


Mision of our company is to offer our client the product which suits his needs the best.

In order to reach this mision, we do not offer the product we have, but we try to create a flavour clients needs the best.

Our vision is to become a leading flavours and fragrances company which would be the best partnet for our client.
We supply technological help; we help our clients to choose flavours those suits their needs, we help to choose the best suitable dosage. We can find the product our client is looking for.



Main points of our strategy are:

  • Development
  • Sustainable sourcing of raw materials
  • Efficiency


Development of our company means not only development of markets. We are searching for new target customers, target segments, we are looking for new distributors and resellers. Our markets’ development goal is to make our turnover 20 % higher every year.
The second point of our company’s development is development of the products we are producing and selling. All the time we are looking for new opportunities, new products we could offer for the client. This as well helps as to make our turnover higher.

Sustainable sourcing of raw materials helps us not only produce our products from the same quality and create a higher level of value, but as well to offer our clients high quality ingredients for flavours and fragrances they produce.

Efficiency - is the main point of our strategy. Intelligent management, control of quality and well balanced manufacture enable us to create high level of value. Intelligent management enable us to work cost-consciously, offer our clients the best quality for the best price and increase profitability.


Darom AS, Ltd organization is young and competitive company.

We have resellers and distributors in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Baltic states.  We are open to sign contracts with compnies from other countries, who would like to become our resellers.

Our team is young, dynamic and highly qualified, searching for new ideas, new products and new possibilities for clients.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by email: daromas@goodflavours.com. Your message will be directed to the responsible person.



Four main areas of our company are:

  1. Flavours
  2. Fragrances
  3. Ingredients
  4. Meat, fish and convinient food

The main idea we work is to offer our client the product he is looking for. So, before offering our product, we would like to know as much information as possible about the end product our client is going to do.

We can offer our services in all four mentioned areas. If you have any questions you can contact us by email daromas@goodflavours.com or phone +370 (5) 245 7777.